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Students edge closer to achieving DofE awards

Students edge closer to achieving DofE awards
Oasis Academy Brightstowe

Great courage and determination was shown by our Duke of Edinburgh students on their practice expeditions this term. 

We were extremely proud to have two groups participating – our Year 10 Silver group and Year 9 Bronze group, which consisted of 21 students in total. 

Our Year 10 adventurers arrived in Chew Magna early on Friday 13 and trekked for three days and camped for two nights, while Year 9s arrived early on Saturday and completed two days and one night. 

On arrival, students were given their kit, which included tents, cooking equipment and maps, and their route for the weekend. 

In small groups, the students then set off into the wilderness – with heavy rucksacks, tackling tough, hilly terrain – and regrouped later to camp and cook their own meals, which included army ration sachets and pasta. 

OAB staff, including Alex Johnson, Sarah Wright and Celia Corrigan, were on hand throughout the weekend to provide the students with moral support. 

Celia spoke proudly of the students. She said: “They were just awesome! It was very hilly out there and their bags were really heavy. But one group managed to walk between 40 and 50k over the weekend. 

“One boy lost his boot in a muddy swamp, but the students used their initiative and put out one of their roll up mats to climb across and rescue the boot.

“We did have a call from one of the groups on the Saturday, who were feeling quite fed up, so we went and found them, played some Spice Girls and gave them some words of encouragement, and they were ready to go again. 

“We were so proud of all the students for completing their expeditions – they showed so much determination and courage.”

The students will now be gearing up for their final expedition in July, which they will need to complete to obtain their Bronze and Silver awards.  

The event was led by H5 Adventure who did a brilliant job at ensuring our students were safe and heading in the right direction.