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Oar-some! Lucas enjoys rowing success

Oar-some! Lucas enjoys rowing success
Oasis Academy Brightstowe

Lucas joined Oasis Brightstowe’s rowing academy to try out a new sport … now he is entering national competitions and has dreams of one day becoming a professional rower.

Year 10 Lucas started out with our rowing academy over a year ago and immediately fell in love with the sport.

It is with thanks to our rowing academy sponsors Nesbits and the ongoing support from the City of Bristol Rowing Club that we have been able to help Lucas realise his dream.

Lucas joined Wycliffe College's rowing team in January this year after a successful trial, and has already competed in two national competitions as the bowman – the rower closest to the back of the boat.

The most recent competition was the National Schools’ Regatta at Eton Dorney, the lake used in the 2012 Olympics.

Lucas' team, which competes in the J15 category, won gold in the time trial and came second in the final.

In April, Lucas took part in an interregional competition in Nottingham – they finished third in their time trial and then went on to win silver in the final.

Lucas said: “I started off with the rowing academy and I really enjoyed it, so I decided to join the City of Bristol rowing club.

“The coach there then asked if I wanted to do a trial with Wycliffe College in Gloucester – and I got in.

“I just love everything about rowing – it’s fun, keeps me fit and I’ve met some nice friends.”

To be successful in these competitions, Lucas follows an intensive regime of training six days a week, after school and at weekends.

Lucas says that he does a lot of gym work and endurance, and on water, practises his rowing technique.

But dad James says that since rowing, Lucas’ academic results have improved dramatically.

Wycliffe College has enjoyed a large amount of success at national level and its training waters are recognised as one of the best places to train in the country.

Lucas (back of boat) with his rowing team

Tom Thie, head of PE at Oasis Brightstowe, said: “We are really proud of what Lucas has achieved.

“Lucas’ achievements are exactly why we set up the rowing academy in partnership with Nisbets and Bristol Rowing, to give students opportunities that they may not get in the normal school environment.”