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Important reminder about school uniform

Important reminder about school uniform
Oasis Academy Brightstowe

At Oasis Academy Brightstowe we are very proud of our students, the way they present themselves and all that they achieve both in school and in the wider community.

Each year we receive a great deal of positive feedback from members of the public about our students conduct and appearance and we encourage our pupils to take pride in this. 

A small number of students are currently not meeting our uniform policy expectations and we wish to remind parents and carers as well as pupils what these requirements are.  For this reason, we have outlined key expectations from our existing policy below so that families are able to address any uniform issues with their children.

Key uniform expectations

  • School shoes are to be worn at all times.  Shoes need to be smart, black flat heeled shoes that are able to be polished.  Girls’ suede-type smart flat shoes are acceptable. 
  • No trainers or shoes containing stripes or logos are to be worn, even if black in colour.  In the case of a medical issue that affects footwear please contact the pastoral team explaining the situation and a shoe pass may be issued for your child to wear black trainers without markings.  This will be reviewed with parents regularly.
  • Skirts are required to be knee length and not made from tight or stretchy material.  Please ensure that your child’s skirt (if they choose to wear one), meets this requirement before they attend the academy.
  • Students are not permitted to have facial piercings including nose, tongue, eyebrow, or lip piercings, (even if covered by a plaster), at any time.  Students will be asked to remove and hand in any piercings that do not comply with the policy and parents/carers will be contacted and will need to collect these from the academy.
  • Knee-length, plain black tailored shorts may be worn as part of the summer uniform.

If a student fails to comply with the uniform policy or refuses to change their uniform accordingly they may be placed in the Ready to Learn room whilst parents/carers are contacted and the issues are resolved.  If uniform is damaged during the day or there is an emergency regarding an item of uniform the pastoral team will be able to issue a uniform pass for one day.  Students will then be expected to be in correct uniform once this pass has expired.

The impact of maintaining a smart and professional uniform is well-evidenced in terms of increasing levels of students’ happiness and reducing any negative behaviour in school.  For full details of the uniform policy, please visit the academy website.  We appreciate your support in ensuring your child meets the uniform expectations. For full details of the uniform policy, please contact enquiries@oasisbrightstowe.org.  We appreciate your support in ensuring your child meets the uniform expectations.

Please see our uniform brochure (below) for guidance on what uniform is suitable. 

Uniform brochure