Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 6 Transition

Moving to secondary school is a big and exciting step for any child. We work very closely with our local primary schools to ensure that your child transitions from primary school to secondary school as seamlessly as possible.

Our staff visit the primary schools so that they can meet your children in their primary settings and find out more information about them from their current classroom teacher. This helps ensure valuable information is passed on so that we can continue to support your child in the best possible way and transition proves positive.

There is every chance that your child will already have visited our academy on more than one occasion as we have open evenings and a 'transition day' as well as many activities put on for children at primary school throughout the academic year. These have included robotics club, sports and music events and special invitations to our annual drama and music productions.

Stepping Up programme

If your child has special educational needs or is identified as a child that will find transition difficult, we have a Stepping Up programme to help support transition. The special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) or their representative will also visit your child in their current setting so that we have a working knowledge of their needs as they move to our academy.

Starting a new school can be daunting but we find that students learn very quickly and are highly adaptable. On their first day, they meet the Principal, leadership team, their head of year and tutors. They spend the first two hours with their tutor and meet their buddy. This is an older child within their family group. This student will help look after your child and help them get to know their way around the school and how to find the toilets, classrooms and dining hall as well as answering any other queries.

Enjoying school life

All staff and established students are especially supportive to new students during their first few days as they may need to know where to go and how to understand their timetable.  Their timetable is put into their planner.

Before you know it, your child will know their way around, know the systems and be enjoying school life here at Oasis Academy Brightstowe.