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Curriculum Structure

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Curriculum Principles

At Brightstowe, our curriculum leaders use a set of principles to guide their decision-making. Our curriculum principles have two key themes throughout, powerful knowledge for all pupils. Powerful knowledge is how we characterise our knowledge-rich curriculum. It is the knowledge that empowers students and enables social mobility, and it is important that this knowledge is accessible for all our students.

1) Scope & Balance:

We make well-researched decisions about the breadth and depth of powerful knowledge in our curriculum in order to provide all pupils with the most balanced, effective and productive learning journey possible.

2) Rigour & Ambition:

We select challenging powerful knowledge from our subject disciplines, which matches or exceeds the ambition of the National Curriculum. We scaffold, breaking up and chunking knowledge to ensure all pupils are stretched and empowered.

3) Coherence & Sequencing:

We thoughtfully craft the curriculum, starting with the ‘big ideas’ and progressively building all pupils’ powerful knowledge in a meaningful order, ensuring that the curriculum is assimilated and remembered over time.