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Student Achievements

Acknowledging and fostering student achievement at Brightstowe

If students are to stand as equals in any circle and for any opportunity then we feel that helping them realise and surpass their academic potential is essential. Our focus on helping students maximise their progress ensures that all students, no matter their starting point, can achieve highly. Unlocking this potential improves motivation and self-esteem and ensures students are in a position to realise their ambitions and aspirations.

High standards are important at Brightstowe

We don’t want to be a school that just ‘does enough’ for students so we set our own high standards in all that we do. This enables pupils to develop into confident, successful young people with outstanding leadership qualities. We challenge our students to achieve more, whatever their level of ability and are always finding new ways of helping them to make the best possible progress. Our approach to teaching and learning isn’t just innovative, it’s effective.

We are celebrating a successful set of GCSE results for summer 2016, with 50% of our students scoring five A*-C grades, including English and Maths.

The number of A and A* grades rose for the second year running with a phenomenal 26% of all GCSE grades being awarded at A*-B. First entry results have risen 18% since 2015. We had a number of high attainers and it is especially pleasing to see that these students have come from a diverse range of primary schools, including Stoke Bishop and Shirehampton.

Progress was also very strong in the year just gone, with students of all ability levels making better than average progress, as indicated by our Value Added Scores.

Progress 8

Our Progress 8 score is -0.18 which is not as close to 0 as we would have wanted. This is due to not having full coverage of the Ebacc subjects in the "second bucket" of the Progress 8 suite of qualifications. However, our coverage is much better for 2016/17 and even stronger still in 2017/18. We consciously chose not to change courses for students in 2015/16 and 2016/17 just to cover all of the Progress 8 slots as we thought it was only morally right to allow students to continue on the courses they had opted for at the end of year 8 and studied already for several years.

The Progress 8 suite of qualifications means that our curriculum offer has changed, with every student moving in to Key Stage 4 is now expected to study at least two science qualifications and a humanity subject (History or Geography). This will ensure excellent coverage of the Progress 8 for the Academy but more importantly ensure the student has maximum coverage for their personal Attainment 8 score.