Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Post 16

Our students' future is important to us which is why we ensure every single student has the opportunity to continue succeeding in their Post 16 education.

Since September 2013 all students have to secure a post 16 place in education or training (please see further info about the raising of the participation age – RPA – below).  In order that we ensure each and every student has access to the very best in post 16 education we have very strong relationships with a wide range of post 16 providers, however the (NBP16)  North Bristol post 16 Centre  is officially Brightstowe’s 6th Form.  Click here to enter their website for further information.

Our relationship with North Bristol post 16 Centre (NBP16) ensures that every student at Brightstowe has an automatic right of entry to a sixth form place when they finish in Year 11 to continue their learning at an appropriate level.

NBP16 is made up of both Redland Green and Cotham Learning Communities, each providing the very best in education to young people in Bristol. Both schools have specialist status; Cotham is a high performing Specialist School in performing arts, mathematics and computing; Redland Green is a specialist science school. Between them they offer over 45 level 3 courses along with a good selection of level 2 courses. Whether a student is based at Cotham or Redland Green, they will be able to use all the facilities at both schools offering better academic and social opportunities.

We are very pleased to be able to call NBP16 our 6th Form and look forward to helping our students secure brighter futures as a result.

If you have any questions concerning post 16 education or about our relationship with North Bristol post 16 Centre, please contact the Assistant Principal for Aspirations at

Raising the Participation Age RPA

The minimum age at which young people in England can leave learning has been increased.

Since summer 2015, young people have been required to continue in education or training to the end of their 18th birthday.  This means that all students at Brightstowe from Year 11 down will need to consider their post 16 options early.  However, this does not mean young people will be required to stay in school.

There will be three ways in which young people can participate post-16:

  • Full-time education in a school or college
  • An apprenticeship
  • Part-time accredited learning if they are in full-time employment or volunteering


The reason for this is to give all young people the opportunity to develop the skills they need for adult life and to achieve their full potential. Participating in learning for longer means they are more likely to get the skills and qualifications that will open doors to future employment, help them make the most of their potential, and earn more over their lifetime.

Evidence shows that not being in education, employment or training at age 16-18 means young people are more likely to be unemployed, earn less, have a criminal record and suffer from poor health and depression over their lifetime.

At Brightstowe we want to ensure all students maximise their potential and have access to the very best opportunities.

Download the RPA facts for parents document
Download the RPA Mythbuster sheet
Download the Government presentation on RPA