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Science department vision

Inclusivity and progress for all through the provision of a fun and relevant enriched curriculum; where the development of scientific skills and the acquisition of core knowledge is underpinned by practical enquiry and experiential learning.

Visit our specific Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pages for knowledge organisers and checklists!  

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There are lots of fun ways you can learn Science outside of the curriculum:

“Science You Can’t Live Without” Club - Wednesday lunchtime for Years 7-10, room D8

Animal Club - Thursday lunchtime for Years 7-10, room D6

Science Experiments with Everyday Objects - Thursday lunchtime for Years 7-10, room D7


Additional reading

Want to expand your science knowledge? Check out our reading list for some great ideas of books to read!  

Reading list


From zoologists to meteorologists - there are many exciting jobs that you can apply your skills in Science to! 

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