Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exams and Assessments

Each year Brightstowe runs routine end of year examinations for all year groups as part of a new programme of summative assessment to monitor student performance.

The introduction of these for students reflects the significant adjustment now taking place in GCSE examinations. With the demise of coursework and controlled assessment the academy is determined to help all its students prepare more successfully for exam only GCSEs.

Part of this is to adjust students from Year 7 onwards to formal exam conditions so that when they reach their GCSE year the process will feel perfectly normal and routine with no undue concerns.

With the end of early entry for GCSEs and the phasing out of ‘controlled conditions’ coursework, students will now need to achieve all marks from a final examination. In the case of English and Maths this will mean three separate papers for each qualification as opposed to two currently.

The most important thing is that students are well prepared and understand how to revise effectively. Being organised about this revision and seeing it as a continuous process not just a last minute exercise will be essential if they are to manage the new demands of courses.

With the changes to GCSE specifications we have also invested in access to for all students. GCSEPod is a website which enable students to revise exam board specific content as short podcasts. Students will find it easy to access via a computer mobile phone and enables revision to take place anywhere.

Watch the pupil walkthrough here.