Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Curriculum - Statement of Intent 2019

Curriculum - Statement of Intent 2019

At Oasis Academy Brightstowe we will create an engaging, purposeful and exciting learning environment so that excellence is achieved by all. 

We have a relentless focus upon supporting our students develop their character, skills and love of learning so that they can thrive and grow.  Through personal growth our students will transform and enrich the communities in which they live.

We are committed to:  excellent learning; excellent relationships; community at the centre

In line with the Oasis’ Education Charter, the curriculum is the heart of our academy’s educational provision. Through this - and our commitment to an exceptional climate for learning and great pedagogy - we make learning the foundation of every lesson. We have designed our curriculum to meet the needs of all, striving for personal as well as academic and vocational excellence. Through our curriculum we will achieve outcomes that drive social mobility and give everyone freedom of choice throughout their lives.

The Oasis ethos and 9 Habits are a foundation stone to the design and delivery of our curriculum. We know that the development of character doesn’t happen by chance but by purpose and intention: it is therefore an explicit part of our curriculum. We therefore work hard at preparing our students to be the best version of themselves not just for today but for their futures too.

We provide our students with information on careers and the world of work encouraging them to be aspirational and ambitious so that they can secure their dream job and enjoy fulfilling careers. 

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure our young people thrive, achieve and flourish. It enables them to understand what it is to be human and equips them for life so that they become kind and model citizens. Our curriculum not only develops our young people academically but socially, emotionally, culturally, physically and spiritually.

Oasis Academy Brightstowe is a community that cultivates hope, learning and character development so that our students are inspired to excel in all areas of life.  The curriculum reflects our passion to see every young person grow and flourish into their very best version of themselves.  Whilst our knowledge-rich curriculum is designed to ensure the very best academic outcomes for our young people using the latest research in how the brain and memory works, it is about so much more than simply securing great results. It is about our academy’s determination to achieve excellence with equity and integrity: where we bring advantage to the disadvantaged, where barriers to learning are successfully overcome and there are no limits to the achievement and ambition of our most able.

Our knowledge-rich curriculum and our commitment to the Oasis ethos and Nine Habits is supported by our Trust’s policies on Learning and Behaviour for Learning and the work of our National Lead Practitioners and Leads for Learning Innovation.

We provide students with a broad and ambitious academic and vocational curriculum throughout Key Stage 3 and 4.  In Year 7 and 8, our students have approximately 50% of curriculum time on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.  All students access creative and artistic subjects. The majority of students will study both French and Spanish in Key Stage 3.  The exception is that for a small number of students additional curriculum time is provided to support the development of literacy.  Our PSHE programme is an essential element of the academy curriculum and it includes personal, social and health education, careers, IT, eloquence and philosophy.

In Year 9, our students enter Key Stage 4. They choose their option subjects at the end of Year 8. All of our students will choose three options from a broad range of subjects and qualifications. We make every effort to ensure students have the widest range of options available to them and are provided with sound advice when selecting their option subjects. We ensure breadth of the curriculum at this point so that students can access creative and academic curriculum pathways.  For example, music, drama, sport BTEC, art, photography, catering, product design, health & social care, travel and tourism and business enterprise are offered to students. As a commitment to that breadth and ambition, all our young people will have the opportunity to study History and/or Geography and a Language (French or Spanish) until they are 16.  We continue to provide opportunities and raise the profile of modern foreign languages at KS3 to encourage more students to study a language at GCSE, moving the school loser to achieving the government target of 75% of students studying for the Ebacc.  Our commitment to achieving this target is demonstrated through ensuring greater coverage of both Spanish and French at KS3, an increase in the number of students choosing a modern foreign language and the enrichment trips to France that have inspired our students.  Studying a modern foreign language helps our students to develop their communication skills and build an understanding of the global community that they live in.

Our commitment to providing students with a wide range of extra-curricular clubs (called ‘shine BRIGHT’) add depth and breadth to our provision and allow our students to follow their hobbies and interests outside of the formal curriculum.  Our innovative and exciting enrichment offer ensures that we develop student leaders and that our students are challenged to grow and learn new skills every day. Our hope is that our students will develop their confidence and skills so that they can be leaders of the future who will transform the communities in which they live. 

Stephen Clayson
Interim Principal