Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 9

Year 9 is the beginning of Key Stage Four. Students have chosen their Options subjects, and are now looking ahead to EXPLORE post-16 and post-18 pathways.

This is an ideal year for students to focus on becoming ‘well-rounded’ as well as working on their academics; we help students to develop the skills and confidence they need to gain jobs and experience in a competitive marketplace, and to live successful and happy lives. Y9 offers them a variety of programmes to do just that.

The PiXL Edge programme is run for all our students from Y7 through to Y11, and allows them to take ownership for their own learning journey when it comes to employability skills. In Year 9, most students are likely to finish the Apprentice qualification from year 8, and some will even be moving onto more challenging targets to gain the ‘Master’ qualification. This is likely to take students at least one year to achieve— a lot of students will keep working on some of their targets well into Year 10.

KPMG continue their links with our students from Year 7 and 8 and offer a reprise of the Dragons Den event at a regional competition as part of ‘Business in the Community’. The product idea changes yearly, but always focuses on key enterprise and employability skills such as creativity, innovation, teamwork, and communications skills. 

Our three flagship programmes in Year 9 are Envision, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, and Career Insight Days. Envision is run in conjunction with our business partner Warburtons, where students can choose a social action project and receive training, pitch for funding, and complete the project.

The Bronze D of E Award is an outdoor and personal development opportunity where students participate in a physical activity, volunteering, and learning a skill; as well as planning and successfully completing a camping expedition in the countryside. Students will have the opportunity to complete Silver in Year 10, and Gold during their post-16 education or training.

The third opportunity is our Career Insight Days. In conjunction with Teach First and Future First, and other business partners, our students go and visit workplaces, or participate in workshops in school, where they can find out more about different industries and job roles. These opportunities are targeted by both Options choices, and student sign-ups.

All of the opportunities outlined above allow students to develop crucial personal and employability skills to help them stand out from the crowd. They are also key in supporting applications for our flagship student leadership programme: the Navy Blues. Applications open in Y9 and positions are held until Y11.