Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 7

Year 7 is the foundational, ‘base’ year for character and skills development, and therefore it is crucial that all our students have an understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ regarding their career through school and beyond, and feel INSPIRED to start their journey.

We know that in Year 7, students will be very unlikely to ’know what they want to do’ in the future, and even if they do, that could change! However, it is crucial that students start to understand the purpose of education, of skills development, and to begin to think about what experiences they will need to have to give them the best start in their journey.

The PiXL Edge programme is run for all our students from Y7 through to Y11, and allows them to take ownership for their own learning journey when it comes to employability skills. In Year 7, students are supported into the ‘Apprentice’ level of the programme with the ‘passport for success’; this is a booklet which helps students identify the crucial life skills they are developing all the time, and which they can then use to fill in their online Edge profile in order to achieve the Apprentice Award by the end of the year.

KPMG are a valued business partner of ours through the charity ‘Business in the Community’, and every year they bring increasing numbers of business volunteers to run a BRIGHT Day with our Y7 pupils. The format changes yearly, but always focuses on key employability skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and communications skills. This year we are had 40 volunteers!

We partner with the independent school Red Maid’s, whose students are trained to be reading mentors to our students. They support our students’ literacy development, as well as having conversations about further and higher education, and their own personal journey at the same time. The Red Maid’s 6th form students also lead a carousel workshop on different Universities, the pathways leading up to and after University, and what the application process is like.

As part of our ’sorting hat’ ceremony where Y7 are put into houses at the end of the year, our students gets to visit Bristol University and look around for themselves, and ask any questions they may have.

We have a strong student leadership programme here at Brightstowe, and the first step to representing student voice, developing leadership skills, and making a difference in the school and community, is to be part of our Student Council.

Summary of activities Year 7

Year 7

What the careers event is?

Why we hold event/Gatsby benchmark.

Bright Day

Each student does a 2 hour session and a 1 hour assembly.

Looking at employability skills (team work and problem solving)


Benchmark: 5

Encounters will employers and employees.

Critical thinking

Targeted at a specific cohort of the year group.

Develop their learning skills and opportunities post 16.


Benchmark: 7

Encounters with higher and further education.

Additional in year events

For example:


Western outreach network (WON) – post 16 talk.




Stem events




Box ed. Lessons (available through future quest)




Benchmark: 7

Encounters with higher and further education.



Benchmark: 4

Linking curriculum to careers.


Benchmark:7 and 4

Encounters with higher and further education. Linking curriculum to careers

National careers week event



Careers enrichment, raising the profile of opportunities and a part of a stable careers programme.


Benchmark: 2, 5, 7

Learning from career and labour market information, encounters with employers and employees and encounters with further and higher education.