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Year 10

Year 10 lays the foundation for post-16 and post-18 pathways and applications, and allows pupils to EXPERIMENT with industry and skills before the decision-making in Year 11.

This is an ideal year for students to take advantage of support programmes, work experience and mentoring, to test out and experiment with different ideas for their future, before they apply to courses or training in Year 11.

The PiXL Edge programme is run for all students from Y7 through to Y11, and allows them to take ownership for their own learning journey when it comes to employability skills. In Year 10 most students are likely to have finished the ‘Graduate’ qualification from Y8 and 9, and be continuing with, or moving onto, more challenging targets to gain the ‘Master’ qualification. This will take students at least one year to achieve — a lot of students will choose to keep working on some of their targets into Year 11.

KPMG continue their links with our students from Years 7, 8 and 9, and offer a mentoring programme alongside another of our business partners, Womble Bond Dickinson—where an Old Brightstonian, Darren Jones, has committed to supporting our students through their CV and application queries. For more information on our alumni, like Darren, and what happens to our pupils when they leave, click here. Barclays Life Skills also support our pupils in this year of preparation, where inspirational speakers and business partners give advice on personal and employability skills and offer online tutorials and CV support to our students.

The Bronze & Silver D of E Awards are outdoor and personal development opportunities where students participate in a physical activity, volunteering, and learning a skill; as well as planning and successfully completing a camping expedition in the countryside. Students will have the opportunity to complete Gold during their post-16 education or training.

Young Enterprise is funded by our business partner FSB, and a group of students set up and run a business from start to finish. They create a product or service, run Company meetings, take official roles, deal with a bank account, fundraise, and try to beat other YE teams at regional, national and international competitions! A fantastic introduction into the world of work and entrepreneurship.

The Navy Blues and Student Council leadership programmes continue to run in Year 10. The Navy Blues take on whole school and community projects, visit WE Day at Wembley and develop through leadership CPD.

Summary of Activities

Year 10

What the careers event is?

Why we hold event/Gatsby benchmark.



Benchmark: 6

Experience of work places.

Mock interviews

Every year 10 pupil had the opportunity to build a CV and covering letter based around a ‘dream’ job and job specification. Students then take these to their mock interviews. Where they receive feedback.


Benchmark 2, 4 and 5

Learning career and LMI, linking curriculum learning to careers and  encounters with employers and employees.

Womble Bond Dickinson mentoring

Business mentoring in the workplace. Selected students look at employability skills, cv’s and interview technique.

Benchmark: 5

Encounters with employers and employees.

Critical thinking

Targeted at a specific cohort of the year group.

Develop their learning skills and opportunities post 16.


Benchmark: 7

Encounters with higher and further education.

Additional in year events

For example:


Wester outreach network (WON) – post 16 talk.




Stem events




Box ed. Lessons (available through future quest)




Benchmark: 7

Encounters with higher and further education.



Benchmark: 4

Linking curriculum to careers.


Benchmark:7 and 4

Encounters with higher and further education. Linking curriculum to careers

National Apprenticeship Show West

An opportunity for 60 pupils to visit an apprenticeship fayre and learn more about what is available P16 and P18.


Benchmark: 2, 5, 7

Learning from career and labour market information, encounters with employers and employees and encounters with further and higher education.

National careers week event



Careers enrichment, raising the profile of opportunities and a part of a stable careers programme.


Benchmark: 2, 5, 7

Learning from career and labour market information, encounters with employers and employees and encounters with further and higher education.