Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

The PiXL Edge

‘The Edge’ programme is a chance for students to set themselves apart from others when they apply for student leadership positions, work experience, college/sixth form, Uni or jobs: you will use it from Y9 onwards.

These days, it is not enough to just have the best grades you can get, or to have made good progress. These things are great, but employers and post-16 providers are looking for students to have these AND the skills and qualities which will make you a great employee and great student – grades alone are not enough.

The PiXL Edge is sponsored by business and is recognised nationwide by organisations such as the CBI as a great qualification to have alongside GCSE results.

It is proof that students have developed themselves with skills and qualities that employers want; and have taken advantage of all the opportunities available to them at school.

Having The Edge at Apprentice, Graduate, or Master level could be the one thing that sets a student apart from someone else with the same grades.  It will give students ‘The Edge’ and help them to achieve the job of their dreams and the future they deserve.