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Oasis Partner Country

Each of the Oasis Academies is paired with a partner country, within the four continents the Oasis global charity works across. Oasis Academy Brightstowe's partner country is Uganda.

We are twinned with Oasis Musoto, an Oasis Academy based in Uganda. We run activities to raise awareness of global issues around poverty, education and wellbeing, and encourage students to contribute to fundraising events for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Here are some of the ways we have raised money for Oasis Academy Musoto:

  • Cake Sale
  • Wear your own shoes to school day
  • Concert featuring the return of our local Spice Girls!

The Navy Blues organised for the Academy to run for the distance between Oasis Academy Brightstowe to Oasis Musoto which was incredibly successful. It was a long way but everyone got involved, and along with various assemblies it was a great opportunity for the community to learn all about Musoto.

In December 2016, we continued to raise awareness and to support Oasis Musoto by being part of the 'Cycle to Musoto'. We cycled the last leg of 1000 miles which took place during Oasis Musoto week and our CEO, John Murphy, completed the final stint during Friday’s concert.

Oasis Academy Musoto is dear to our hearts at Brightstowe, therefore we are always looking for new ways to get our community involved in fundrasing and information events. 

Uganda trip is "once in a lifetime opportunity"

A group of Year 9s and 10s from Oasis Academy Brightstowe enjoyed the trip of a lifetime when they visited our sister school in Africa.

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You can download a powerpoint about Oasis Academy Musoto below to find out more about the Academy's origins.

Oasis Musoto