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What is BRIGHT?

At Oasis Academy Brightstowe, we want our students to be BRIGHT. All of our students are aware of what BRIGHT means and aim to be BRIGHT at all times. BRIGHT means:

  • Beautiful
  • Resilient
  • Independent
  • Growth Mindset
  • Healthy
  • Team

We talk about BRIGHT often with our students and reward them with BRIGHT pounds when they show these attributes. Students are able to spend their BRIGHT pounds in the Reward Shop twice a week on anything from pens and pencils to Kindles. Find out more about our BRIGHT awards programme.


We want our students to look smart and speak to others respectfully. We believe this is an important skill to learn in life and supports students to get ready for life as an adult.

We also want our students to produce beautiful learning; to understand that their first attempt is a draft and that they will need to keep working at their learning to make it really beautiful. We believe that demanding beautiful work sets high expectations and challenges our students to do their very best at everything they do. This is an important life skill to learn.


We live in a world that can be tough and where people want and expect things instantly. We believe that children need to learn resilience; to understand that learning new skills can be tough but if they persevere and try their best then they will eventually succeed. We want them to learn that the best rewards in life are often hard fought, not just given to us on a plate.


Independence is key to future success beyond Oasis Academy Brightstowe. The world we live in is always changing and it will be a very different place in ten years' time. Being independent is a key skill for life in general but also essential at sixth form, college or in the work place. Therefore, we train and support students to be independent by expecting them to come to school wearing the right uniform, being prepared for learning by having their text books, exercise books and equipment and by expecting them to plan their time and complete their homework.

Growth Mindset

We firmly believe that there is no fixed level of ability or intelligence. We believe that if you work at something then you will get better and better at it. We understand that some people will learn a new skill quicker than others but this should not stop anyone achieving their goals if they dedicate themselves to the task at hand. Having a growth mindset is one where we recognise we are always learning and always say "I can!".


We strongly encourage students to lead healthy lifestyles. We have extra opportunities to partake in fitness classes before school, have a breakfast club and ensure all meals in the school are healthy. We don't allow energy drinks and regularly teach students about having a balanced diet, drinking water and regularly exercising. These are essential habits to embed at this age as they will last with them for the rest of their lives.

We also support students through our excellent pastoral teams to have healthy relationships with each other. We help them to rebuild any broken or stressed relationships. We support them with any mental health issues and help them with life's difficulties.


We want our students to have healthy relationships together, to be a family and to support one another. We encourage cooperation, collaboration and teamwork. Students have many opportunities to work in teams such as the Rowing Academy, Rugby Academy, Football Academy, Music Academy, Drama Productions, Navy Blues (Student Prefects), Student Council, Young Enterprise and Duke of Edinburgh amongst others.

Great British citizens

Being BRIGHT will help them understand what it means to be a Great British citizen in the 21st Century; to understand democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs. BRIGHT helps us ensure our students understand the importance of respect, and leave school fully prepared for life in modern Britain.