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At Oasis Academy Brightstowe, we have high standards and expect all students to wear their uniform correctly and look smart. All students are required to wear an academy tie at all times. Students must have their top button fastened and appropriately sized shirts must be purchased with this rule in mind.

Please click here to access the Brightstowe Uniform Guide

All academy uniform can be purchased directly from our uniform supplier SWI Schoolwear.

  • Please click HERE for details on how to order uniform. 
  • Click HERE for the price list.

Parents are asked not to buy fashion items such as blouses or flared trousers.

If you need help or support in purchasing uniform online please ring the academy Reception 0117 316 7330.

You might also to eligible to apply for a grant from Bristol City Council's emergency payment scheme to cover the cost of uniform.

Compulsory items 

Main uniform

  • Black blazer with academy badge
  • Black trousers or skirt (no tight fitting skirts or trousers e.g. Miss Sixty. Skirts must be knee length)
  • Academy tie
  • White shirt (short or long sleeved)
  • Black, flat-heeled polishable shoes (no plimsolls or boots of any type. For example, Vans or Ugg boots)

PE Kit for all students

Compulsory items for girls and boys

  • Brightstowe black and white training T-shirt
  • Brightstowe black shorts
  • Brightstowe long socks
  • Trainers

Compulsory item for boys

  • Brightstowe multi-sports top

Compulsory item for girls

  • Brightstowe hoodie

Optional items for girls

  • Plain black leggings

Year 7-11 boys will need football/rugby boots in Terms 1-3 (September – February)

Year 7-9 girls will need football/rugby boots in Terms 2-3 (October – February)

Please note: Tracksuit bottoms will not be allowed in any PE lesson.

If your family has difficulty in getting all of the above PE kit please contact Mr Thie, Head of PE and we will support you.


The only permitted items of jewellery are:

  • One pair of stud earrings (no hoops, drops or spikes)
  • One wristwatch
  • One bracelet
  • One ring

Please note: pierced eye brow, lip, cheek, tongue or navel jewellery, as well as nose rings/studs are not permitted on the grounds of Health and Safety.

Make-up should be natural, discreet and minimal and no acrylic nails will be accepted that are longer than 2 mm.


We expect students to bring a pencil case containing:

  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • two black pens as a minimum
  • their Oasis Horizons iPad, fully charged, every day.

We strongly encourage pupils to use a school bag to keep all their belongings safe and secure travelling to and from school. Extra equipment such as a red pen for self and peer corrections, an eraser, a calculator, highlighters etc are all desirable, but we will provide these where needed in classes.

What happens if my child does not wear the correct uniform?

Students who don’t conform to our high expectations will either need to return home to change or will be given the option to borrow missing items. Should they refuse, we will contact parents to support us to resolve the issue in a timely manner. 

We do however believe that the way we present ourselves plays a huge part in our success as an academy; it makes us professional in our appearance and our attitude. For that reason we set high expectations on the standard of student presentation.