Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision & Values

The Oasis Brightstowe Academy Vision:

#TeamBrightstowe believes that any child can learn anything, if they are given the right teaching and if they apply sufficient effort

Welcome to Oasis Academy Brightstowe, an Academy where every student can own and maximise their life story. We support every student, no matter their background or starting points, to be equipped with the skills, confidence and qualifications to succeed in their journey through life. 


Mission statement

We create an engaging, purposeful and inspiring environment that inspires students, so that their potential is unlocked and they aspire to excellence

We develop character, skills and a love of learning in students, in students, so that they that they can overcome challenges and live happy and fulfilled lives.

We promote and facilitate personal growth in both students and staff, so that together, we enrich and transform our communities:  those in which we live, in which we work, and beyond.


Our ambitious vision and mission objectives will be achieved through our curriculum and enrichment programme so that we can develop character and skills as outlined by the 9 habits and the academy rewards programme ‘BRIGHT’.  All we do is centred on cultivating a culture of hope for our staff and students that change, growth and improvement are possible for all.

Equality & Diversity

You can read about our commitment to equality and diversity by clicking the link below:

Equality and Diversity Plan

Please click on the button below to access our Student Equality & Inclusion Policy

Student Equality & Inclusion Policy