Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision & Values

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Community Learning Vision

Welcome to Oasis Academy Brightstowe, an Academy where every child can own and maximise their life story. We aim to support every child, no matter their background or starting points, to be equipped with the skills, confidence and qualifications to succeed in their journey through life. With students, parents, teachers and our community working, Oasis Academy Brightstowe provides an exceptional education at the very heart of our community.

Students with the confidence and range of skills to stand as equal in any circle and for any opportunity

Oasis Academy Brightstowe Vision

To realise our Academy vision, we concentrate hard on ensuring:

  • Every lesson, every day, is good or better
  • A relentless focus on exceptional progress for every student
  • Our students engage in high quality activities that develop their whole character

We firmly understand and realise that our students' lives do not begin and end at our Academy. Oasis Academy Brightstowe is a chapter within their life. A defining chapter that sets the tone for a successful life and creates opportunities as they continue their journey. We hope our students' school days will remain with them forever and be the springboard to thrust them on to future success.

Brightstowe is a family and we have the have the same hopes and dreams for our students as if they were our own children. We want our students to:

  • Be joyful in the relationships they build
  • Have equal opportunity to succeed in a global world
  • Have the patience to persevere when they meet great challenges
  • Have the compassion to be inclusive
  • Have a true sense of hope that the contribution they make will make the world a better place

Equality & Diversity

You can read about our commitment to equality and diversity by clicking the link below:

Equality and Diversity Plan

Please click on the button below to access our Student Equality & Inclusion Policy

Student Equality & Inclusion Policy


Please click the link below for this year's newsletters successfully produced by 6 Year 8 Brightstowe students in conjunction with a small group of Boomsatsuma students.

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