Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Oasis Academy Brightstowe. 

We are proud to be a child-centred, inclusive academy. I am extremely proud to be Principal of #TeamBrightstowe, where we put strong relationships at the core of all that we do. 

We want our students to have healthy relationships together, to be a family and to support one another. We encourage cooperation, collaboration and teamwork. Students have many opportunities to work in teams through our newly launched Inter-House competitions and our broad range of extra-curricular opportunities such as the Rowing Academy, Rugby Academy, Football Academy, Music Academy, Drama Productions, Student Prefect Programme, Student Council and Duke of Edinburgh amongst others. 

We also support students through our excellent pastoral teams to have healthy relationships with each other. We help them to rebuild and repair any relationships following relational conflict and support our students through life’s challenges. 

At Oasis Academy Brightstowe, we have four core values that we call our 4Rs: 

Relationships – We prioritise strong relationships between students, staff and our families; building these from Primary to secure a positive transition to secondary school. 

Respect – We respect our environment and each other; celebrating our differences. 

Responsibility – We take responsibility for our actions and for our community. 

Resilience – We keep going, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone so that we grow; even when this takes time. 

Thank you for visiting our website and I look forward to keeping in touch through our regular newsletters and letters home. 

You can also follow us on social media via our official Facebook and Twitter page.  

If you would like to contact us by email we are at hello@oasisbrightstowe.org. 

Andráea Davies