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Regional Leadership

The Oasis Community Learning (OCL) family of academies are split into five regions of England – London and the South East, the South Coast, the Midlands, the South West and the North.

Each Academy ensures local governance through an Academy Council, whilst national governance is delivered through the OCL National Office, and Regional Directors (RDs).

Each region is supported by at least one RD who is accountable to the CEO of OCL, and accountable for the Principals of academies in their region.

The job of a Regional Director is to:

  • Oversee regional delivery of education, including standards and leadership as well as performance outcomes
  • Ensure professional governance across all Academies in their region
  • Monitor Academy budgets and escalations
  • Monitor and escalate high risk HR cases, IT services issues, property and estates, new business and capital project issues
  • Monitor, audit and intervene on safeguarding issues and health and safety issues

The Regional Director for academies within the South West region is Laurence Pitt

Laurence joined Oasis Community Learning in 2018 as Deputy Regional Director for the South West. He soon then stepped up and is now the Regional Director covering all academies in the Bristol and Trowbridge area. Laurence joined us from Ashley Down Primary School where he was the Executive Headteacher there and for Brunel Field Primary School. His passion and drive to deliver exceptional education was clear from the start as he lead both of these Ofsted rated 'Outstanding' schools. He is also the Chair of the Bristol Primary Heads Association. 

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