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Academy Council

The Oasis Brightstowe Academy Council is based on a model of governance established at all Oasis Academies.

It provides a key link between the Academy, parents and the local community, keeping an eye on how plans are implemented and ensuring that the Oasis ethos remains at the heart of the enterprise.

Our current Academy Council Chair is Nicki Clark. Please see below for a message from her with a short introduction to her background.

"I joined the council in January 2012 and became Chair in January 2017.

I have a degree in biochemistry from Bristol University and a Masters degree in medical biochemistry from Surrey University gained whilst working at Southmead Hospital, where I spent my career until stopping to be a full time Mum. Three of my children are at Brightstowe, with a fourth coming up shortly from primary school. When I'm not looking after children I am volunteering or fighting weeds on my allotment!

The Academy Council includes representatives of parents, teachers, support staff and the community.

There is a massive need for school governors everywhere including Academies, and we are always keen to hear from people interested in joining the Brightstowe Academy Council.

There’s no doubt that Brightstowe is a remarkable school with a very exciting future. It's success is a tribute to staff, pupils, parents and the whole community.

To play a part in its growth and development through the Academy Council, and to see the benefits that flow to students and the community, are very special."

Academy Council Members

Name Surname AC Category Role on AC Date Appointed Date Re-appointed End Date
Business/Pecuniary interests
Attendance for 2018
Nicola (Nicki) Clark Parent Councillor Chair, Prevent, Safeguarding, PP May-13 02/05/2016 24/09/2018 None 1 of 1
Elaine Miller Business & Finance Director Health & Safety     24/09/2018 None 1 of 1
Jonathan Sims Williams Sponsor Councillor   Jun-13 02/06/2016 24/09/2018 None 1 of 1
Melanie Powell Support Staff Vice Chair May-13 02/05/2016 24/09/2018 None 1 of 1
Isobel Tobias Sponsor Councillor   Jan-14 n/a 24/09/2018 Red Maids' Education, from 2001 1 of 1
Joe Docherty Principal       24/09/2018 None 1 of 1
Deborah Marsh Parent Councillor   Feb-16 n/a 24/09/2018 Husband Trustee: Woodlands Group of Churches (2008), George Muller Trust (2010), Bristol Noise (2011),  Love Running CIO (2016) (Charitable Orgs). 1 of 1
Heidi Simpson Business Sponsor   Feb-16 n/a 24/09/2018 None 1 of 1